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Intelligence Briefings are used by governments, corporations and the military to provide their personnel with the latest information on where they will be operating or doing business. Experience has taught that knowledge is indeed power and being forewarned, forearmed.

Our FREE ‘Getting Around The Philippines Safely’ 24 page intelligence briefing will give you the ‘heads up’ you need to make StreetWise decisions about something back home we take for granted. Transportation.

The Philippines is a foreign country with its own culture and ways of doing things. Understanding how things are done is the first step in making sure you enjoy your vacation or retirement there rather than regret it. Getting from the airport to your hotel, your hotel to the mall and then back again might seem simple and back home it probably is. But this isn’t Kansas, Dorothy!

Do you take a taxi or the LRT/MRT? What about a V-Hire or Special FX? Feeling bold enough to try a jeepney, trike or Pedicab? If you don’t even know what these words mean, you will be hard pressed to know which is the safest and most appropriate mode of transportation for any given situation.

Request your FREE  ‘Getting Around The Philippines Safely’ intelligence briefing NOW and get the drop on the dangers.  It’s just ‘due diligence’ and you owe it to yourself to make sure you are switched on and StreetWise.

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